Michael Reichenbach

Sheet Music for Mandolin and Guitar

Michael Reichenbach

Michael Reichenbach (geb. 1955) started playing in a mandolin orchestra when he was in primary school. His first instrument was the classical guitar, but later he studied the mandolin and its musical styles and fell in love with this special instrument.

He has studied physics as his main profession, but was always active as a guitarist, mandolin player in mandolinorchestras or a bluegrass band, as a conductor of mandolin orchestras and as a teacher for mandolin and guitar. He took private lessons and seminars for classical guitar with Heinz Teuchert and Tadashi Sasaki, and took part in a seminar for for conducting mandolin orchestras and guitar ensembles in Trossingen. For some years he studied musicology in Freiburg, before he decided to work as a computer administrator as his main job.

His main interest is to learn about all the styles of music for the mandolin and guitar, bluegrass, folk, Brazilian chor, classical mandolin, jazz, dawd music...

He collects sheet music for tha mandolin and has made many scores available as download on his website www.mandoisland.de. He writes a blog about mandolin, guitar and other plucked strings instrumentes in German (www.gezupftes.de) and English (www.mandoisland.com).

He has also published several book for mandolin and a guitar method.